Hi! I’m Elizabeth, a twenty-something Seattleite who loves cooking healthily (with some desserts and cheese thrown in there… lots of desserts), dancing like a spaz, drawing everything, reading suspenseful mystery novels, exploring the Pacific Northwest and playing with all the big dogs.

Come visit my blog for healthy recipes (mostly vegetarian, with vegan and gluten-free options) plus some treats too. The key here is moderation! I might even mention a few restaurants I can’t get enough of…

Bizzarro Italian Cafe (Wallingford) Cozy Italian food (gnocchi please!) with very quirky, umm bizarre decor. Can you spot the harry spider? Try not to fill up on fresh, fluffy focaccia before your entree even arrives. And be prepared to wait for a table.

Red Mill Burgers (Phinney Ridge, Ballard, Interbay) Quick and casual, but their burgers are darn good. Even the veggie burger! (Which I’m pretty sure is just a frozen patty… it’s all about execution peeps.) The milkshakes are hard to pass up (hellooo peanut butter), so bring your willpower or just treat yourself–don’t even try to share. Have cash money on hand because last I checked they don’t take plastic.

Flying Squirrel Pizza (Maple Leaf, Seward Park, Georgetown) Amazing, fresh toppings paired with a perfect crust. Not overly heavy and not cracker thin. Split a pie with one lucky human if you’re hungry, or two other people if y’all eat like birds or don’t care for cheesy carbs. The salads are pretty good too! Arrive on the later side unless you enjoy babbling (screaming) toddlers.

Poppy (Capitol Hill) Inventive, seasonal cocktails and food. Order the eggplant fries! Even if you think you hate eggplant. FYI, for dinner you’ll get a personal platter with one main protein and like five tiny bites alongside. Don’t cry if you dislike one of the five (lavender potatoes, guck) because the rest will probably be amazing.

Cactus (South Lake Union, Alki, Madison Park, Bellevue, Kirkland) Hola! This place maybe isn’t the most authentic but I love the atmosphere (especially the Madison Park and Kirkland locations) and the food is always good. Andd the cocktails. Give me free warm chips with fresh salsa and I’m one happy camper. Try the butternut squash enchiladas for something a little different. Yummm.

Umi Sake House (Belltown) Trendy AF vibe so utilize that dry shampoo and peel yourself out of your fave yoga pants before showing up if you would rather avoid judgy side-eye. Yes you should order trendy sake with your trendy sushi because that’s the trendy thing to do. Pop in Bathtub Gin & Co after (a neat little speakeasy) if you want to get your drank on in a classy manner. (It’s located in a semi-sketch alley so bring a buddy with some guns muscles.)

List (Belltown) Another swanky spot for you to park your mod bum and sip on a posh cocktail while you nibble on boarderline pretentious (but delicious) dishes. If you have a thing for heated toilet seats, come here. If you’re obsessed with the color red, come here. And if you are a seafood freak, get the sea bass because it’s kind of amazing. I’ve heard the gnocchi is off the chain too, but haven’t had the chance to try it yet. Tear. Ohhh and do stop by during happy hour because all of the food (except the specials) will be half off. Yes 50% off! $18 sea bass makes me happy, but $9 sea bass makes me happier. Apparently you can get a bottle of wine for $18 too… so there’s that. 21 and up only so bring your fake or sprout a few gray hairs if you happen to be a youngin.

Tavolata (Belltown, Capitol Hill) Apparently I like Belltown. But really, these guys make the most amazing spaghetti. Ever. Show up for happy hour and your spaghetti will be pretty cheap. Score! Bonus: They shave a boatload of fresh Parm right on top for you cheese fiends. Feel free to share Lady and The Tramp style because the serving is rather generous.

Crow (Queen Anne) Even though there is a lot of meat going on on the menu, they usually have a tasty vegetarian main (and seafood of course), plus super fresh salads. And beyond good cocktails. So no complaints over here.

Cafe Flora (Madison Valley) Wait what?! I can order every item from the menu? Heck yes! Everything here is vegetarian, with a ton of vegan and gluten-free options. The tacos are bomb… same goes for pretty much everything else. Enjoy a hippie cocktail while you’re at it. And don’t be surprised if you see an array of rainbow hair colors and 500 million tats.

Morsel (University District, Ballard) Flaky, tender, buttery biscuits in Seattle? Yes dreams do come true. I just might marry “The Goat” biscuit sandwich because herbed goat cheese, roasted tomato jam, and cucumber slices were meant to be with me… and a fresh biscuit forever. Add a fried egg to really seal the deal. There aren’t a lot of seats available so be prepared to eat your biscuit on the street or in your car like a non-loser.

HB Beverage Co (Kirkland) Kirkland technically isn’t Seattle, but I’ll still drag my rear over here for the best acai bowl known to mankind. Get the full size because you will be depressed after you finish the half size and realize your fruity breakfast bowl craving hasn’t been satisfied. Um yeah it’s not cheap, so refrain from going every single day… unless your husband/wife is Justin Bieber and you have a secret crush on your dentist. But the ingredients are fresh and your bowl will be loaded with a ton of fruit, crunchy granola, coconut flakes, and hemp! Pay some extra change for a peanut butter drizzle… you won’t regret it. Again, not much seating, so get cozy in your car.

Full Tilt (University District, Ballard) Who likes fresh, warm waffle cones?! Me me meee! These guys have some standard flavors (hello vanilla my bestie) and some weird stuff that actually tastes good (ube?). Anyway. The scoops are big, the cones are fresh, the ice cream is well, creamy, and the prices are fairly reasonable. Get to it. Ohhh apparently people in Seattle aren’t meant to spend a lot of time on their butts so you might have to inhale your cone in the alley by the U-district location. No biggie.

General Porpoise (Capitol Hill) Even if you claim you’re not a fan of doughnuts, you’ll like these puppies. Tender and subtly sweet with the best damn cream fillings I’ve ever tasted. Yeah they’re pricey, but you should still get three (for your own consumption) because two just isn’t enough. Don’t even consider trying to stop yourself after one… Doughnuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner anyone?

And fun things to do in the area (Kerry Park, Frye Art Museum, Green LakeThe Great Wheel)… as if anyone has time for extra stuff. But really, make time.

All of the recipes and photos you find here are my own, unless otherwise stated. Feel free to share! Just be sure to link back to my site, please and thank you.

That is all. Enjoy!

P.S. Find some big fluffy dogs and pet them for me!


If you have any questions or just want to chat, email me at: livinghealthyinseattle[at]gmail[dot]com


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  1. Grant

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I love your website! Clever writing, good pictures and great recipes!
    Keep up the good work!

    Grant Howard

  2. Alfred Toth

    Hi Elizabeth, I just found your blog.
    I am vegetarian and my wife is vegan, since I do all the cooking, lunch, our main meal, I normally cook vegan.
    Today I am going to surprise here with your Portobello Teriyaki Veggie Bowl.
    I just started a blog myself and have included the link,

    Thanks , Al

    1. Elizabeth Schneider Post author

      Hi Al,
      I’m so happy to hear that you tried out the Portobello Teriyaki Veggie Bowl! I hope you and your wife enjoyed it. Portobello mushrooms have been growing on me. I’ll be sure to take a peek at your blog!

  3. JuleeDove

    Elizabeth! You never cease to amaze me with your many talents! I’ll be spending lots of time with your blog and trying your recipes!! I’m impressed. Very classy and fun!!

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